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Facilitate healing of your health condition in one-on-one yoga therapy session.

with Rebekah Hay-Brown

Yoga Therapy works within the premise that no two bodies, illnesses or health concerns are the same. It focuses on your unique issues and lifestyle. Your Yoga Therapist will work with you to develop an individually tailored practice with efficacy and effectiveness to help enhance recovery and assist in healing. Additionally, Yoga Therapy is complimentary to any other forms of treatment you are receiving. If you have a heath issue or are in pain, you should currently be seeing a Yoga Therapist: the time to start this process is now.

Here is what Rebekah says about the Yoga Therapy sessions with her: 

“No prior knowledge of yoga is necessary. I ask people to fill out a health questionnaire before our first session (lasting 90 mins) which forms the basis of a discussion between the person and myself about what the individual would like support for through yoga therapy. 

A typical session would include looking at how someone stands, moves and breathes and setting some short-term measurable goals with the client. Collaboratively with the individual, drawing from my 20 years plus experience of yoga practices and philosophy, I plan a yoga practice, which might include a combination of physical yoga postures, breathing and meditative practices, that is unique to the client’s needs and goals. The individual has the chance to experience the practices in the session and take home a scribe version of them. 

Central to my approach is supporting the person to continue with the practices at home. Follow-up sessions last one hour, and I encourage people to have at least three follow-up sessions to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the practices and modify them as needed”. 

 All Yoga Therapy sessions are one-to-one and confidential. No prior knowledge of yoga is necessary.

Bookings & pricing

Please call Evolve Wellness on 020 7581 4090 to book a session or arrange a free 15 min phone consultation with Rebekah. The first session is always 90 min as it includes an assessment as well as yoga class. All follow up sessions are 60 min in length.


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  • rebekah hay-brown

    Rebekah is a Senior Yoga Therapist and Yoga teacher with a decade spanning experience of working with individuals facing health challenges.