somatic therapeutic coaching

Engaging with the body to evolve and grow

with Clare Myatt

Perhaps you’re drawn here out of curiosity….what is “somatic therapeutic-coaching”? Perhaps the words “engaging with the body to evolve and grow” pique your interest. If so, you’re already in the right place - let me tell you more about the cutting-edge approach I use working with clients.

Trained as both a psychotherapist and somatic coach, all my skills are ap-plied to your unique situation. Whether things are awry or you have particular goals in mind, experiencing the depth of therapy and the breadth of coaching offers distinct advantages.

Beyond depth and breadth, we harness the powerful mind-body-spirit con-nection using the methodology of somatic coaching. As a seasoned practitioner, I say with confidence “this is the difference which makes the difference.”

As someone drawn to the body-oriented (or somatic) services offered at Evolve Wellness Centre, you already know the body has wisdom, holds history, and offers possibilities for growth and change. Somatic coaching focuses on the body in its aliveness, drawing on ancient wisdom underpinned by the latest in neuroscience research. Together we look at how you show up in the world (what you embody), at the practices you’re already engaged in (conscious and unconscious) which in turn underpin who you are and what you’re capable of. Perhaps you rush into relationship, or shy away from it; maybe you freeze under pressure or put up a fight; perhaps you have difficulty managing your moods. All these experiences live in the body and the only change we can sustain comes from including the body in the process.

Are you ready to explore? I recommend you go to my website and read some of the extensive information there. Then give me a call. I offer an obligation-free complimentary half-hour exploratory conversation to get the process started. Trust your instincts - if you have a sense I’m the right fit, reach out and let’s see what’s possible.

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  • Born in the West Midlands, Clare spent her formative years in the UK before moving to the USA in 1987. She spent nearly twenty years there, mostly in California, becoming licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 1995 and certified as a Master Somatic Coach in 2000.