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with Sibyl Darrington

Maternity reflexology is a type of reflexology that specifically offers care to women at the pre-conception stage by helping the body be as optimally ready to conceive, as well as providing support through pregnancy and all the changes the body goes through, to birthing and postnatal care.
Reflexology is a wonderful therapy to have on a regular basis during pregnancy. Research has shown that regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can shorten the duration of labour with women often requiring less pain-relief during the course of delivery. Not only that, it can relax both mother and baby so that both are at ease with the many changes throughout this amazing time.
Regular Maternity Reflexology can also be helpful in a woman’s later life also as it can help with menopause symptoms such as mood swings, disrupted sleep and hot flushes.  

    Maternity Reflexology can help with the following in pregnancy:

    • constipation;
    • stress and anxiety;
    • depleted energy levels;
    • heartburn/acid reflux;
    • backache;
    • sciatica;
    • symphysis pubis pain;
    • nausea and vomiting;
    • high blood pressure;
    • oedema;
    • cystitis;
    • insomnia;
    • turning a breech baby;
    • preparation for labour;
    • induction of labour;
    • pain relief;
    • co-ordination and acceleration of regular contractions;
    • preventing a retained placenta;
    • co-ordination and acceleration of regular contractions;
    • preventing a retained placenta;
    • inadequate lactation;
    • engorged breasts;
    • helping the uterus contract after labour;
    • urine retention;
    • postnatal depression;
    • Pelvic Girdle Pain and Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction.

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    maternity reflexology


    • Pregnancy massage benefits the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the digestive, the urinary and the musculoskeletal system and can significantly reduce stress and anxiety through this time of transition as well as help with fatigue.

    • Practicing for 10 years inLlondon and Whitstable. Sibyl uses a variety of soft tissue techniques, such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy and soft tissue release to help with chronic pain patterns, sports injuries and structural issues during pregnancy.