hawaiian lomilomi massage

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massage with Zanna Parkinson

Authentic lomilomi massage from Hawaii is given with an awareness of energy and the intention to bring harmony and balance to the mind body and spirit.

Lomilomi is traditionally a long oil massage where the practitioner uses their forearms and hands to apply long rhythmic strokes that vary in depth, and with continuous movement around the body, this massage is flowing and dynamic – it clears, nurtures, relaxes and is highly beneficial to the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and digestive systems. Lomilomi creates a sense of well being, raises your self esteem, bringing the joy of life to your body and a feeling of peace to your mind.

Because of the use of oil and for the flow of the massage it is preferable to receive lomilomi without any clothes; you will be kept covered with a loin cloth or sarong throughout the massage. The oil Zanna uses for lomilomi massage is a blend of sweet almond and fractionated coconut oils; they are of a high quality and excellent for the skin.


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Lomilomi Massage


  • Zanna Parkinson

    Zanna Parkinson is a highly qualified practitioner who offers a variety of different massage treatments. She often combines styles and techniques to get the best results. Lomilomi Massage is her signature massage which she also teaches, running CThA accredited courses at Evolve.