life coaching: coming home to yourself

Your quest to find the fuller life that you seek.

with Martin Armitage-Smith

Life Coaching can mean different things to different people. The version I practise is informed by psychosynthesis, which is an integral way of working in which all parts of you can be acknowledged and seen.

Modern life is so demanding that it is all too easy for us at times to lose our way; the requirement to wear the corporate mask can disconnect us from our sense of self; and in the rush-rush-rush we can overlook our deeper needs. In psychosynthesis coaching we work with your will, freeing it up and ensuring it is aligned with and directed towards your practical goals and deeper needs. And we affirm the uniqueness of your identity and what is seeking to emerge within you. Areas we may explore in Life Coaching: psychological, cognitive, somatic, energetic, psycho-spiritual, systemic.


Availability: Wednesday mornings and on request

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  • Martin Armitage-Smith

    Martin Armitage-Smith has a Masters in Psychosynthesis Coaching from the University of Middlesex and a Diploma in Life Coaching from the Institute of Psychosynthesis. He is a graduate of Cambridge University and has nearly 20 years of experience in eastern and western energy practice.


Therapy is frequently open-ended and so can be a very long, expensive - and necessary - commitment. For certain kinds of trauma or mental health issues therapy will be the correct choice. Coaching clients may well have suffered trauma at some stage in their lives but are generally managing pretty well in their lives and are looking to make some significant changes. In psychosynthesis coaching we create a very purposeful ‘container’ (the coaching alliance) to address your goals, so we are very much working with your will. This focus tends to activate the client’s sense of purpose but also flag quite early on any issues that are holding you back. This usually allows us to make progress quickly and create some momentum. Along the way there are therapeutic approaches (such as working with the unconscious) that can be very helpful

Clearly every client and every situation is unique. The reason I offer a free introductory session is for both parties to arrive at an answer to this question as well as get some idea of the way forward. What I would say is a lot of us have been wrestling with our issues for a very long time before we take the step of sharing them with a trained professional. So if you have been researching coaches that in itself is an indication that coaching is likely to be the right choice for you. Then it is a question of establishing if the coach’s areas of expertise match your needs and also if certain important elements like trust and chemistry are also present.