acupuncture, chinese medicine + QCXI system

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is an effective form of Healthcare which has evolved into a complete healthcare system.

QXCI is a computerised system that both tests and balances the body. It is a bio-feedback system that allergy tests, stress detects and stress reduces.

All the above are joined together for a non-invasive whole body combination which aids diagnosis, wellness  and future health.

Sharon's treatments help with:

  • face lifts/rejuvenation with gold needles;
  • allergy testing and B12 shots;
  • skin and Body hydration;
  • gynecological and disorders;
  • gastrointestinal;
  • emotional and psychological.

booking & pricing

Availability: Thursdays 9am –1pm and on request

To make an appointment: email or call 07866 531 130


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  • sharon subner

    Sharon has over 15 years experience with Chinese medicine and the QXCI. Her post graduate in Chinese Medicine was completed in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.