awareness training

Discover your inner strength - be comfortable amidst the uncomfortable...

with Aran Dharmeratnam

“Many feel the need to be in the moment- to be able to adapt and flow with the moment… That’s why Tri Tier exists…” ~ Aran Dharmeratnam

Tri Tier’s about connecting to centre even when there is adversity or challenging moments. People train in Tri Tier as a way to acquire: fluidity, relaxation, equilibrium and accessible self-defence skills. The three tiers of this martial art are stillness, resilience and tactics. In stillness, we merge with internal harmony and internal energy. Resilience is to be comfortable amidst the uncomfortable; discovering inner strength. Tactics increase awareness of: surroundings, others and ourselves…It helps us to avoid danger. Tri Tier’s self-defence skills are based on sensitivity, free flowing movement, unconventional tactics, and intuition. Beyond this, they provide profound strategies for life.

Areas we will explore in Tri Tier: awareness, disengagement, energy cultivation, re-connection with the breath, movement skills, fear and stress management, ladies self- defense and equilibrium training.

  • Aran Dharmeratnam

    Aran Dharmeratnam is an internationally known martial art master who specialises in personal safety, mind body training and resilience coaching. Aran helps people to increase their awareness, flow around obstacles, and access their intuition.