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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living - Acupuncture Massage Mindfulness.

with Claire Hamilton

Claire offers a completely unique and holistic Acupuncture treatment. Combining different skills and techniques she has developed over her last 20 years of practice, her sessions are more often described as receiving a restorative hug rather than a classical needle appointment.

Diagnosis involves talking & listening; looking at the tongue and feeling the six pulses on the wrists. Together with all the information gleaned, a series of Acupuncture points are chosen to dispel any disharmony and bring the body back into balance. Whilst the needles are working their magic, Claire uses head & foot massage and mindfulness relaxation to allow each of her patients to go into a deeply peaceful & restorative state.

No one treatment is the same, yet every body is treated with the uttermost care, attention and love. You will leave feeling lighter in heart, cleared in head and energised in body. You will also receive a personalised treatment plan, which will include dietary and lifestyle advice. Whether you are looking for a wellbeing reboot or need to address health concerns, Claire will help you reach your goal

Claire specialises in FOUR main areas:

  • Hormonal imbalances – whether it be menstrual problems, fertility issues or menopausal concern;
  • Mental/Emotional Disharmony – from anxiety, depression and insomnia to reducing stress and improving concentration;
  • Digestive Disorders – classical IBS symptoms, bloating, constipation and gaining control of food cravings;
  • Wellbeing Reboots – for when you have lost your spark & zest for life and want to enhance your vitality, immunity and feel more energised.

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integrative acupuncture



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    Claire is passionate about working with people and uses her diverse experience to offer a unique treatment package.