food & body freedom psycho-spiritual coaching

Food Fear to Food Freedom, Body Shame to Body Bliss, from the inside out

with Stella Stathi

Does your relationship with Food and your Body feel like a constant, secret battle you can’t seem to break free from? Is food ruling your days, and the way you feel about your body holding you back from truly enjoying life and pursuing your desires?

Eating and Body-Image issues have become an epidemic that affects the vast majority of women today, whether they manifest as an actual eating disorder, other food-related difficulties (chronic dieting, diet-bingeing, emotional eating, etc.), weight issues and/or body shame and dissatisfaction. We spend enormous amounts of time and energy trying to ‘fix’ those issues, through external interventions, such as dieting, exercise and self-imposed restriction, without realising that this -the weight, the food, the inches- is only the symptom; the outer, surface-level manifestation of a deeper, inner issue, block or imbalance. Unless we address the inner, mental, emotional and spiritual root-causes of our difficulties, the symptom is bound to keep coming back, in one manifestation or another.

Body Prema™ (Prema is Sanskrit for Love) Psycho-spiritual Coaching has been designed with this intention in mind; to help you discover and heal, once and for all, the real, underlying root-causes of your Food, Weight and Body-Image difficulties, through deep, soul and body-work, so that you can finally enjoy lasting peace and total freedom around Food and feel fully comfortable and confident in your skin.

My work is a combination of Coaching, Therapy and Healing, bringing together my background in Jungian & Women’s Eating Psychology, Mind-Body Medicine, Chakra Healing & Divine Feminine Spirituality, as well as everything I’ve learnt on my own healing journey from long-term food and body-image issues.

We start with an initial Food & Body Breakthrough/Discovery Session, in which we will discuss in depth your unique story and challenges, and I will then help you understand the real reasons you are struggling and offer you guidance on what you most need to work on, to start experiencing change. These sessions can be taken as a one-off exploration and/or as an introduction to longer-term work.

I use the Chakra system as the backbone of my work and also offer Chakras, Food & Body Intensives; these are 90-min sessions, designed to help you discover the Chakra blocks and imbalances at the root of your Food, Weight and Body-Image difficulties, and receive transformational practices and support, to help you restore balance in your energy system and jump start your healing journey.

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  • stella stathi

    Stella Stathi MA is a qualified, experienced Jungian/Somatic Psychotherapist and Coach, Women's Eating Psychology & Body-Image Specialist, Feminine Embodiment Teacher & Energy Healer. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Jungian Psychotherapy...