mandy jhamat

yin yoga & meditation teacher

Mandy Jhamat is a lover of mind-body practices and has explored many forms of yoga, somatic movement, alternative therapies and meditation practices. She teaches an embodied practice that allows her students to benefit from a dynamic practice rooted in the richness of mindful movement. She describes her teaching philosophy as one that explores movement, stillness and awareness - in that order - to destress the body first, then the mind and move from there into inner balance.

She co-founded her first yoga business in 2013 that kicked off the rooftop yoga trend with the launch of Europe’s highest yoga classes at the top of the Shard in 2014. She has taught yoga retreats across the globe and led a resident yoga programme with Shangri La Maldives over 3 years. She is also the creator of Spectrum which is a wellness programme of yoga and meditation supported by deep colour immersive technology.