gabriele ess

plays crystal bowls

Gabriele Ess lives and works in London and travels worldwide. She discovered the beauty of crystal sound healing 19 years ago. She found that it uplifted her energy, reduced stress and helped her manage her demanding roles and enhance her life style in general. Shortly after her initiation into sound healing, she studied Crystal Sound Therapy and completed certification and retreat courses. Gabriele also holds a PhD in Social Sciences, and various other qualifications.

Gabriele has worked in HR for 20 years, most recently heading up Global HR for a virtual network overseeing companies in 25 countries. During that time, Gabriele has seen the pace and pressure of work increase dramatically and people become less productive as they struggle to handle overwhelm and change.  She now helps individuals and teams become more effective at work and happier in life. Gabriele’s unique approach to crystal sound and consulting has helped many people find solutions to their particular issues.