Karolina Raczynska

Ayurvedic medicine practitioner BA, MA, MFA, MCM (Ayurveda)

Karolina is a fully qualified Ayurvedic Medicine practitioner as well as a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher. She studied Ayurvedic Medicine at Middlesex University in London (UK), SDM College of Ayurveda and Hospital in Hassan (India), KLE University Ayurveda Hospital & Medical Research Centre in Belgaum (India) and further developed her clinical experience at multiple Ayurvedic hospitals and clinics in India such as Gujarat Ayurved University in Jamnagar (India), Ayurveda Gurukula under Dr Lavgankar in Pune (India) and many more. 

Karolina’s postgraduate thesis examined the topic of Gurukula system of Ayurvedic training in India. Gurukula is a system of education originating in India in which an experienced teacher transmits knowledge to a student disciple over an extended period of time using both practical and theoretical teaching methods. The primary goal of her research was to explore the significance of this ancient system in the education of Ayurvedic medicine and its relevance to the current Indian and western education systems.

Apart from her Master's degree in Ayurveda Karolina has a first class Bachelors degree from Oxford University, Master degree from the Royal College of Art and Master degree from University College London. Besides her clinical and teaching practices, Karolina works as a secretary for the Ayurvedic Professionals Association and volunteers for Traditional Yoga UK. 

Karolina has been studying in India on a regular basis since 2003. She has travelled extensively from the northern parts of the Himalayas to the southern tip of Tamil Nadu in exploration of Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga and Meditation practices.