danielle smyth

Intuitive Guide and Crystal Healer

  • “You are sacred. Everyday is worthy of ceremony. There is always something that needs healing.”

Danielle is a Space Holder – an Intuitive Guide and Crystal Healer with a Celtic, Egyptian and Shamanic influence. She bridges the two realms, the seen and the unseen and holds a space for you to heal, transform, empower and celebrate. Guided by the astrological energy and the energy she connects with when she works with you – Colour, Shapes, Symbols, Sounds, Feelings, Light beings and Star consciousnesses, Elementals and Spirit Animals. She then uses astrology, oracle cards, crystals and cacao, the power of breath and movement of body to awaken you to your potential and to remember why you are here.

Providing a practical connection to the intangible - Sacred Ceremony and Healing is her passion, sharing these beautiful ways of transforming and celebrating our lives.

Danielle began with Reiki when she was just 13 years old, as a highly intuitive empath connecting with the spiritual and energetic world was a delight and has always assisted her through the ebbs and flows of life. From there led her to study many healing modalities like crystal and angelic healing, astrology, symbolism and dream interpretation. Danielle is also a yoga instructor- chakra vinyasa, yin yoga, prenatal yoga and Active Birth guide. Shamanic sound healing, chanting and the beautiful heart opening ceremonial cacao has added another dimension to her therapeutic sessions.

Gathered from her past 20 years of learning, experiencing and sharing - Danielle has taught yoga and healing workshops and retreats across Ireland, Bali, Thailand and Portugal, and she owned a wellness studio in Dublin before moving to London with husband and son, where she now balances motherhood, yoga and her healing work - each session and ceremony is unique and tailored to suit you and your group!