linda boninsegni

pilates teacher

Linda is a former professional dancer and has a background in ballet and contemporary dance. After dancing in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, Linda came to England where she also completed a Masters in Research Choreography and Performance at Roehampton University of London and started teaching dance full-time.

As a dancer Linda has always taken Mat Pilates classes as a support to her ballet training, finding the benefits in her profession as well as activities of daily living. She therefore decided to became a certified L3 Mat Pilates instructor and later a L3 Pre-Post Natal exercise instructor.

Linda's mat pilates classes focus on alignment, core strength and overall form and are open to all levels as she always adapts or progresses the exercises depending on the individual/group.

MRes Choreography and Performance
L3 Mat Pilates
L3 Pre and Post natal
L3 Personal Training


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Tuesday, 02 Mar 2021