tracey livingston

ICF Certified Coach, a Reiki Master

  • “Attending Tracey’s event was an interesting insight into energy management that has helped me become more aware of how energy works in our bodies. This has given me even more confidence to forge ahead in my adventures as an entrepreneur and live life to the full. Thank you so much Tracey for your lovely nature, energy and expertise which allows people to open up to you easily and trust in you.”


Tracey is an ICF Certified Coach, a Reiki Master of over 13 years and whose life’s mission is to support people from all walks of life to live their highest potential.

With a background in Psychology, Coaching, Reiki/Energywork, Peace & Conflict Resolution, and Diversity & Inclusion, Tracey is highly accomplished in understanding human behavior & motivation, and how to connect our inner guidance with the law of attraction to create personal growth and fulfillment.

She is an American based in London, and holds a Masters in Public Policy in International Development and a dual Bachelors in Psychology and in Political Science.

In her spare time, Tracey enjoys reading Philosophy, running in the woods and is a keen traveler: exploring cultures and architecture around the world.