Jacqueline Labib

JoyFind Transformational Life Coach

Jacqueline is the leader of a movement called JoyFinding, a way to reach your dreams and fulfil your potential. 

She specialises in helping people see past what they're currently experiencing, to what life could be like instead, using engaging, creative, fun-filled transformational experiences. She is a transformational life and business coach, empowerment speaker and author, who runs fun workshops, exotic retreats, online summits and powerful 1-1 and group coaching, around the globe, with her unique self-created life mastery techniques.

She trained as a Personal Performance Coach in her twenties and has since developed her own style of coaching and wisdom that she shares with individuals, schools, charities, businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs, helping people around the globe dramatically change their directions and skills to be powerful people of change.

Jacqueline does everything with humour, love, understanding and realism and is about helping people feel empowered instantly to go after what they want, without it feeling difficult.

JoyFind techniques harness the power of playfulness and the imagination, combined with deep and powerful insights into how the mind and nature work, allowing us to manipulate the laws of nature that govern us all into something we can work with on a practical level, and that work in our favour, effortlessly.