natalie jones

Pilates teacher

Natalie believes that Pilates can transform not only the body but also the mind, soul and whole life. She started practicing Pilates 17 years ago after the birth of her son and has personally experienced the transformative nature of Pilates. Natalie has a sporting background, a level three Pilates qualification, a degree in Physical Education in the Community and a Masters PGCE. She has taught Pilates for a number of years and has shared the benefits of regular Pilates practice as a personal trainer, fusing Pilates into each session.

Natalie is an enthusiastic and empathic teacher. She uses a holistic, dynamic approach in her classes that enhances the well-being of her students and increases their sense of body/mind connection. She ensures that her classes meet the individual where they are and that each session will leave students feeling strong, flexible, healthy and happy. Natalie loves to witness the benefits that students experience through regular Pilates practice, and is passionate about guiding students to achieve their true Pilates potential.

upcoming classes

Monday, 18 Jan 2021