ana melo

reiki master

In her early twenties life circumstances threw her into an inner journey and she was introduced to Reiki. It was life changing and taught her that everything we need is already within us. It helped her look at life in a harmonious way, no matter how uncomfortable the circumstances around her were, and see peace and beauty where she used to only see fear and struggle.

Since then she hasn't stopped practising. Ana has worked at St. Joseph's Hospice, ad hoc for many schools around London through the Kids Company and permanently for Evelyn Grace Academy. She currently works at the Chelsea Natural Health Clinic and also at the Hale Clinic. Sharing the benefits of Reiki and helping people live according to their essence gives her great fulfillment and happiness. Ana is a fully qualified practitioner and teacher having accomplished the Level I, II and Masters Levels of the Usui, Holy Fire system of natural healing. Ana's lineage is very close to Dr. Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki). There are just five teachers before her, which means that the Reiki energy Ana channels and teaches is very close to the original energy and teachings.

As a natural extension of her practice, Ana developed her own style of Reiki: on top of the traditional technique of healing her practice also encompasses elements of medical, emotional and mental clairvoyance, which means that when she treats a client she is able to see into the physical, mental and emotional body of the person. For example: she can detect any inflammation or injury that the client is not aware of; get information about the client's current emotional state (their blockages, insecurities, vulnerabilities) and see how he/she copes with life in general (their mechanisms and how they balance the cognitive and the sensitive, if one is more developed than the other and how to counteract that) and what is preventing him/her to move forward. It is completely safe and she would never be able to see anything that the client - consciously or unconsciously - is not ready to release. Hence, Ana's sessions incorporate a healing as well as a coaching/guidance perspective.
Ana is also an Indian Head Massage Therapist and an Ayurveda student. She blends her knowledge of these approaches into her Reiki sessions.