samantha rogers

Samantha teaches Yang and Yin Yoga.

Samantha is a qualified Vinyasa flow and Hatha Yoga teacher. Drawing on 10 years' of practice, Samantha weaves elements of Jivamukti, Kundalini in addition to Yin and Restorative to create an intelligent flow style, one in which can be adapted to varying levels and tempos. Vinyasa means breath synchronised with movement and so her Yoga is primarily designed to still the fluctuations of the mind by focus on the breath, thus bringing the gap between mind and body and instilling a sense of calm.

On the one hand her style is designed and tailored to focus on core strength, stability and tone and on the other she places significant focus on the chakras during sequence and thus neatly bridging the gap between the physical and energetic, creating a well rounded practice. Via an intention and energy work, she invites her students to explore that which they're working towards off the mat, giving the practice on the mat meaning and deep focus.

One can expect adjustment and assistance during her class as she places importance on safe practice, alignment, proper muscle engagement and awareness (through encouraging mindfulness).