Sibyl Darrington

Rolfing + Sports Massage + Pregnancy Massage.

Practicing for 12 years in London and Whitstable Sibyl has extensive experience as a therapist. She practices as a Certified Rolfer, a Clinical and Sports Massage therapist and Maternity Reflexologist. She uses a variety of soft tissue techniques in her clinical, sports and pregnancy massage such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy and soft tissue release to help with chronic pain patterns, sports injuries and structural issues during pregnancy.
Sibyl treats people with a wide variety of conditions, providing support to those taking part in extreme sports and supports other practitioners by integrating her work into treatment programmes for their clients. She is trained in maternity reflexology so can help with conception and provide care throughout pregnancy, all the way until after the birth.
Sibyl has a particular interest in connective tissue disorders such as hypermobility syndrome. She teaches level 3 anatomy and physiology as well as sports massage.  For further information about Rolfing Structural Integration, please click through on this link: