Charlie Merton

Charlie is a Gong Master, Sound Healer & teaches Hatha, Yin and Nidra.

Charlie now predominantly teaches Hatha-Flow (integrate classical hatha yoga postures with breath initiated flow movements), Yin and Dynamic Asana. She runs 3 hour Maha Sadhana monthly practices with sound baths which include the integral aspects of yoga breathing (pranayama), mantra, meditation and asana. Charlie's teaching style is friendly and nurturing, encouraging her students to explore their bodies and showing them how to adapt the yoga practice in order to work for their individual body, to help them find space whilst building strength and confidence with specific alignment cues and a smile! :) 

Charlie originally trained as a musician, playing trumpet and piano from a young age, she attained a Bachelor of Music in 2004 and recently completed her Masters in Music Therapy. She began practicing yoga in her early 20s, alongside studying and experiencing various methods of healing including sound therapy, crystal therapy and soul rescue. Charlie first experienced the power of the Gong in a decade ago through her practice of Kundalini yoga and was amazed by the profound healing qualities that the gong possess. Charlie travelled to Northern India to do her yoga teacher training with Sivananda in traditional hatha yoga and here in began her training in sacred sound. As her yoga practice evolved along with her knowledge and experience as a crystal and sound healer, she became more and more aware of how yoga and healing practices were interconnected and interrelated, a combined practice becoming a fundamental part of her own healing journey as well as empowering others through healing and yoga. She furthered her knowledge of sacred sound with Anne Malone and studied the power of the Gong with world renowned Gong Masters Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre.