Renata Justel Orellana

Manager of Evolve Wellness Centre

I’ve been practicing yoga for quite a few years now and I always wished to work in the place where I could just be with people. So I started to search yoga studios around London. evolve instantly felt as a great place to work - peacefully nested in the beautiful mews, quiet and calm atmosphere. Every day I meet so many amazing people, hear many of great stories, discover new topics and find out quite a few strange things I have never heard before…

For me evolve is a nurturing environment where I feel at ease and joyful, where I can create and express myself, where I see people smiling, relaxed and taking a moment to take a deep breath and just be. All of us are on our paths of life journey with our unique battles and it is so wonderful to hear our students and staff say that our place, our classes, our teachers and therapists help them realize something important and advance on their paths. evolve promotes authentic living and that is the most amazing thing that wellness centre could facilitate to me as a person.