corinne blum

Co-founder of Evolve Wellness Centre and life coach

Corinne Blum is a certified Life Coach, Mentor & Relationship Expert and the co-founder of Evolve. Her passion is supporting individuals in discovering who they truly are, by guiding them to a place of deep self-acceptance; showing them how to embrace all of who they are and embodying self-love from the inside out. 

She draws upon her experience as a former professional ballet dancer with the San Francisco Ballet, her training as a Life Coach and Theta Healer, her long term meditation practice, studying extensively in the realms of non-violent communication, human psychology, the fascinating differences between men and women, the masculine and feminine, and understanding the language of the body and emotions—all as tools to better understand who we are and how to arrive home within ourselves by embracing our entire humanity. "Peace comes when we are okay with all that we are, think, feel and experience. When we know that we are enough as we are, that there’s nothing to prove and that we are deeply deserving of being loved— first and foremost, by ourselves.” 

Corinne is very excited to be publishing her first book in the new year, on the topic of integrating the feminine and masculine within ourselves as a pathway to wholeness, our inner home and our true, Authentic Self.