Rebekah Hay-Brown

Rebekah is our in-house Yoga Therapist.

Rebekah is a senior yoga therapist and yoga teacher who has over a decade of experience of working with individuals facing health challenges. She sees people with a wide range of issues including auto-immune and heart and lung conditions, back pain, stress, anxiety and depression. Trained in pregnancy yoga, she also supports pregnant women with co-existing health concerns as well as women who are trying to conceive.

Rebekah is accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, is a board member, tutor and supervisor on one of the UK’s leading yoga therapy diploma courses at Yogacampus, and a Person-Centred psychotherapist-in-training. 
What to expect in a Yoga Therapy session with Rebekah:
“No prior knowledge of yoga is necessary. I ask people to fill out a health questionnaire before our first session (lasting 90 mins) which forms the basis of a discussion between the person and myself about what the individual would like support for through yoga therapy. A typical session would include looking at how someone stands, moves and breathes and setting some short-term measurable goals with the client. Collaboratively with the individual, drawing from my 20 years plus experience of yoga practices and philosophy, I plan a yoga practice, which might include a combination of physical yoga postures, breathing and meditative practices, that is unique to the client’s needs and goals. The individual has the chance to experience the practices in the session and take home a scribed version of them. Central to my approach is supporting the person to continue with the practices at home. Follow-up sessions last one hour, and I encourage people to have at least three follow-up sessions to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the practices and modify them as needed”.  

Please contact Reception to arrange a free 15-minute phone consultation with Rebekah to find out more about how yoga therapy can help you.