A Course for Men – Living Our True Nature

A course for men hosted over 4 months – June to September 2020

with Way of Nature

A course for men hosted over 4 months – June to September 2019

It’s so easy as men to live in our comfort zones. Even within increasingly hectic lifestyles that cram in too much, there is no time to slow down. Men often neglect creating free time in exchange for the “to do list” aspirationally busy lifestyle, when what they are yearning for is some solitude and space for free thinking and reflection. Our work may challenge us intellectually, but how often as men do we take risks, explore our edge, step outside of what we know, and challenge ourselves emotionally and physically?

During this programme we will support each other to explore where our edges lie and ask ourselves what challenges us about being men, and what do we love about being men. Through inquiry, movement-based work and time in solitude in the wilderness, we can return to our daily lives more centred, with a greater capacity to be confident and relaxed, within ourselves, in every situation.

Join us for an extended 4 month programme that will inspire the courage to tell the truth and dig into how we show up as men. Where we will explore cultivating stillness, reawakening a sense of aliveness, delve into purpose and enjoy the support of community.

a course for men

June to September 2020 - £695



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  • Why Men's Work?

    Men’s work is about intentionally moving beyond the ‘macho’ culture that has been pervasive in western culture for so long. It’s about exploring our own vulnerability, shadow, shame and brotherhood. Men aren’t taught to ‘share’ their inner world, something that women are more inclined to do.

  • Programme - Spring 2019

    A Retreat About Outer Adventure and Inner Safari Our journey begins with a revitalising soak (traditionally done as a purification ritual) in a natural thermal hot spring. We then begin a 5 day hiking retreat in a sacred valley in Tuscany. This journey will be physically challenging.

  • Summer 2019 - Growing Together

    Over the following 5 months each participant will belong to an inquiry group that will meet regularly online or physically (if distance allows), to explore themes of meaning, communication, polarity, relationship and more.

  • Autumn 2019: Harvesting our Insights

    We will conclude our journeying together by reviewing and sharing insights we have gained. Gathering for a final day and night, in a deep woods, we will close by song, story-telling around the camp-fire, feasting, dreaming and sleeping under the stars together.

  • Travel

    The first retreat is scheduled 5 - 9 June 2019 in Tuscany, Italy. The final camp out is scheduled for September in South East England - full details to be announced on registration.