• The past 18 months have made many of us reassess our priorities, both in our personal and working lives. At Evolve it has made us think about how we can best adapt to the evolved wellbeing needs of our community.

    And we have been asking ourselves the question: In these uncertain times, how do we support our practitioners, staff, teachers and therapists to ensure the longevity of our business, so that we continue to be of service well into the future?

    More Together Than Alone

    We are so excited to announce that after lengthy conversations, we have decided to partner with our friends at The Life Centre / Yoga Campus to collaborate with us in co-creating the next phase of doing the work we love doing.

    We feel that both our organisations are in alignment around shared values, brand feeling, direction of travel and the importance of creating and nurturing community. Over the next months we will be sharing many more details about what our combined objective looks like which will include both on and off the mat yogic offerings.

    Our vision for the future involves more connection to nature, more consciousness around the use of our devices and building curiosity around how we can empathise and communicate with family and colleagues. Our vision also looks to harness technology to enable living healthier lives and we look forward to presenting you over time with our suite of offerings as they become available.

    From September we will be able to welcome you to Notting Hill studio for in-person yoga classes and workshops where The Life Centre has beautiful, light filled studios.

    We will be making a concerted effort to listen to your needs, ideas and feelings around what living a more integrated and holistic life means to you.

    If you would like to be a part of the first round of pioneering conversations to help craft a more community inspired range of offerings, please email me indicating your interest.

    We wanted to share our gratitude to each of you for being on this path with us and we look forward to continuing to welcome you both in our centres and online.

  • The 12 pillars of evolve:

    1) We believe that life is meant to be lived in its full potential, which requires an awareness, an appreciation and a relationship with the planet and the people, animals and plants on it. 

    2) We believe in living outside of the box. That possibility is endless and opportunity is bountiful. 

    3) We believe in growth and evolution not in the pursuit to become better selves but to become our true selves simply by surrendering, trusting and accepting who we are-just as we are.

  • 4) We believe that the meaning of life is in the question itself. Asking questions, through curiosity and excitement and allowing that magical childlike essence to guide us through the unknown where synchronicity and flow happens naturally.

    5) We believe in living great lives, which is measured not by what we achieve but by how our state of being is within the experience.

    6)We believe that by connecting with others, with nature and with ourselves we can find peace, happiness and a life of fulfilment.

  • 7) We believe in truth and kind communication.

    8) We believe in Being and that out of being is where our dreams manifest.

    9) We believe in community and the support of like-minded individuals who inspire one another to evolve.

  • 10) We believe in laughter and play and having grand adventures-both in our inner world and outer world.

    11) We believe that life doesn’t have to be hard work but that the work you put into it is what enlivens you.

    12) We believe that the more we can learn from one another, through our differences and similarities alike, the greater the current evolutionary shift will be.

    Dare to be big, love to be you and become inspired to live an evolutionary life!