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You only need to bring comfortable clothes. Everything else, including yoga mats, blocks, straps and bolsters, will be in our studios.

Comfortable and flexible clothing - like leggings or loose trousers and a T-shirt. We would advise not to wear jeans or very restrictive clothing.

Yes, we have the showers, but you would need to bring your towel and shampoo.

Our centre is a shoe free zone - everyone walks barefoot, but you are very welcome to keep your socks on. In general, it is better to do yoga barefoot, but you always can also wear socks with sticky dots, which would prevent you from slipping.

Yes, definitely! We encourage a non-competitive environment - do what you can and be kind to yourself! Over a little time, with regular practice you will become more and more flexible.

Ideally, yoga is practiced on an empty stomach. We recommend waiting 2 hours after a meal before class. You can have some juice an hour before, but not too much.

If you have had a recent injury - please do speak to your doctor about starting your yoga practice again. If you had a serious injury - we would recommend you see a yoga therapist who will be able to let you know any adjustments needed for you to practice again. Also, if you are not sure about something - please try and talk to the teacher before the class.

If you are pregnant, we highly advise you not to practice yoga in your first trimester. If you have not done much yoga before getting pregnant, we recommend you attend only pregnancy yoga classes. If you have had a regular practice before becoming pregnant, please ask reception for the list of teachers and classes that do accept pregnant ladies.

We have few classes on our timetable that included at least 15 minutes of seated meditation - flow and meditate on Wednesday evenings. Tuesdays and Thursdays 3.30pm hatha class will include some pranayama and short meditation.

Our more dynamic classes like vinyasa flow or yoga flow intermediate as well as pilates classes.