osteo yoga flow

A new method combining Yoga and Osteopathy adjustments

yoga class with osteopathic adjustement

with Dipa Trivedi & Paul Marsat

Paul Marsat and Dipa Trivedi teamed up to create a new method combining Yoga and Osteopathy: intuition, experience and scientific knowledge. Using a sequence of classical readjusted Yoga poses taught by Dipa, Paul will be applying hands on osteopathic technique of manipulations, soft tissue technique and joint mobilisation (no cracking technique) for each pose, every student will get adjustments. This seminar is a slow yoga flow with breath or Pranayama technique taught by Dipa. 

The session lasts 1.15 mins with a short relaxation at the end with cranial muscles soft tissue work for each individual student. The sequence is put together carefully bearing in mind which movements would give a stronger release of energy in the body using osteopathy, and that in a specific order to enhance its effect. 

Paul and Dipa came up with this after carefully doing patient research and enquiry, practicing themselves while applying knowledge acquired over the years. This method is brand new and exclusive, the aim is to improve overall health, homeostasis, flow of blood, energies and appropriate transfer and communication from tissue to tissue.

This workshop is limited to 8 people, so everyone gets hands on adjustments while in yoga asana. 


  • Dipa Trivedi

    Dipa is an experienced and qualified Hatha yoga teacher for over 10 years and a student of osteopathy.

  • Paul Marsat

    Qualified Physiotherapist and Osteopath for several years, Paul combines both disciplines to offer a more holistic approach to his patients. Paul's experience working in private practices in France and the Uk...

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