shamanic sound healing journey

take a journey into the depths of your soul, that will leave you connected, peaceful and empowered

shamanic sound journey

with Kwali Kumara

Kwali, who shares her love for Shamanic practices and Sound Healing will take you on a journey into the depths of your souls, that will leave you connected, peaceful and empowered.

Sound has been used for healing since ancient times and is considered ‘the new medicine’. Be it through voice, harmonics or rhythm, sound will penetrate every single cell of your body and literally bring you back into tune, so that you are vibrating at your highest frequency.

You will experience a sound scape created through sacred gongs, Shamanic drums, singing bowls and voice, which will help you to relax, detach from your mind and the identification with your physical form. Once you are in this sacred place, you willl be open to meet and communicate with your spiritual guides so you can receive significant messages, images and gifts, that will support you on your path.

Please prepare with an intention before you come and wear comfortable clothing as you will lay on the floor for most of the event being bathed in the healing energy of soothing sonic frequencies.


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