new moon goddess cacao ceremony

Plant a seed of intention and connect your wombs with Mother Earth...

cacao ceremony

with Maren Lander

Join Shamanic Practitioner Maren Lander for a journey into the Cosmic Womb Of The Divine Mother by connecting to your own womb with love and gratitude. Emotions like shame, guilt and fear can lead to energetic blockages in our womb and disconnect us from her sacredness.

Through the power of Cacao, sound medicine, Shamanic journey, affirmations and most importantly communication with our wombs we can clear, heal and rebalance what is stopping us from being in the power of the Sacred Feminine. On this first New Moon of 2019 let us connect to the wisdom and guidance of the Goddess and be guiding stars for all those children that are lost in the dark.

We will plant a seed of intention and connect our wombs with Mother Earth and Father Sky whilst we explore through Shamanic Journeying what energies we might be holding here from the past. By establishing this magical connection we can re-write old stories and fully step into our creative power. A beautiful heart opening experience that will leave you empowered, joyful and courageous as it is time to connect with the ancient wisdom of the Goddess.


  • Maren Lander

    Maren is a heart centred teacher, who guides her students in a gentle, but powerful way, always reminding them to find love and forgiveness for themselves.

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