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Learn the ancient techniques to purify your body and unlock the energy blockages...

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with Shakti Anand

What is Kriya meditation?

Kriya meditation is a tool which allows connection directly to the source of the creative principal, by surrender of the prana and apana into a state of letting go, working towards purifying the currents and any energy vortex blockages. 

Its not for everybody! It requires a discipline and desire to live in truth of self realisation and awareness bliss. One knows if its for them, intuitively, trust that guidance and if drawn, come along and practice this beautiful journey of self discovery.

Shakti Anand teaches kriya meditation and kriya yoga which is of the lineage of Maha Avatar Babaji and has been assigned to give teachings of kriya meditation tools and initiate those who she feels are ready to embark on this path. Shakti Anand was taught by direct disciples and lineage holders of Maha Avatar Babaji, who was made famous by the book Autobiography of a yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Shakti's aim is not to gather disciples or create a cult/ashram, but to impart personally to those who have a higher calling to find the connection within themselves and have a higher purpose to spread loving kindness and service to mankind, and who will not just use this knowledge for their material selfish purpose or to be personally selfish in anyway, hence the pre-selection for the initiation on the Sunday. Saturday is open to all.

There is a place to be in the world AND to be self-realised. Shakti was in corporate life, working as a chartered accountant, with an MBA in change management consulting, but she decided to teach so that she can share truth and knowledge without you to travel to far away lands..

The kriya meditation & kriya yoga workshop is available to everyone and kriya tools will be taught during the whole day. There will be time for the questions and answers delving deeper in to the philosophy of kriya yoga

What are the benefits of kriya meditation?

  • The kriya tools effects the parasympathetic nervous system much more than the normal yoga postures or pranayama (breath-work), this causes a greater relaxation and calmness to the body and mind, hence reduces stress, offers clarity to the mind, offers fewer thoughts, induces a more mindful state of being to ones life. Through this a more detached way of being surfaces. This is our feminine response, to life which is in both men and women; Greater access to the prefrontal cortex of the brain offers more intuition and creative access of solutions to problems in ones life, be they financial, emotional, relationships, career, environment, family etc.
  • Neuroscientists and quantum physcists are now confirming what the kriya yogis have known the manipulation of our brain and rewiring to be in control through breath, prana, devotion, & concentration, which are available as kriya tools as the science of yoga that has been proven over 5000 years ago by the yogis, rishis, saints, personally through their own bodies. This in turn is the art of manifesting our reality, our circumstances, our thinking patterns, our responses to situations, our behavior patterns etc.


  • Shakti Anand

    Her meditation lineage has evolved over 16 years to no particular tradition, although leaning as a science form with sound and light known as kriya meditation.

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