group Inquiry into the mindful use of digital technology

How can we heal our relationship with technology?

A Group Enquiry

with Stephen King, Ben Hewitt & James Barlow

Did you know that Foxgloves are both a poison and a cure to the natural world around them... and that their Latin name is digitalis?

Foxglove // digitalis - presents an evening to talk about your phone, without your phone.

Do you ever feel too distracted by devices and social media to get any work done? How long does it take for you to check your inbox or other notifications on your phone in the morning? Have you noticed changes in human behaviour due to the culture of likes and clicks? What concerns you about what your kids are doing online? How does using your phone in front of your kids affect them? Do you ‘show the best and hide the rest’ when posting online?

We are undergoing a revolution that will dwarf industrialisation that may even be as big as the printing press. What is the footprint of this new ‘runaway success story’ called technology? With cigarettes it was cancer. With industrial growth it was climate change. We need an early warning system, pre-emptive strikes - and a rebel alliance – to ensure our children and ourselves continue to thrive into the future, by using technology in healthy, rather than obsessive, ways.

Over the evening we will together explore:

  • How can we heal our relationship with technology?
  • How can we use technology to help us become more human, not less?
  • What is the darkness/shadow that digital tech is feeding on?
  • What are our triggers our addictive tech behaviours?
  • How are we complicit in the evolution of our ‘digital persona’ and how are they manifesting in our lives?

    We believe that with education, awareness and action around the mindful use of digital technology, we can all experience the associated benefits that include less stress and overwhelm, more productivity and spare time, and better resilience.


  • Stephen King

    Co-pilot of Wild Labs, hatching products and ventures that collaborate with nature. Have been exploring rewilding childhood via The Wild Network and Project Wild Thing for the past five years. Interested in finding solutions that are both high nature and high tech.

  • Ben Hewitt

    Ben Hewitt is father to one five year old, an entrepreneur and a coach. He has worked in leadership in organisations of all sizes for 10 years, before which he founded, grew and exited his own group of companies. Ben is inspired by technology that helps us to become more human, not less.

  • James Barlow

    James Barlow has 3 teenage children and 13 years’ senior sustainability leadership experience and is curious about his part in this tech revolution. He is variously described as ‘creative’ and ‘visionary’, ‘constructively disruptive’, ‘hugely generous to groups … holding space beautifully’.

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