exploring the elements with asana & pranayama

Learn how 5 elements manifest in us & how to influence them through various postures, breathe, repetitious actions or yoga sequences...

yoga workshop

with Rebecca Tung

Yoga, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine collectively use elemental understanding of the body as a conceptual reference as well as a theoretical model for understanding disease patterns in traditional medicine.

These elements become an expression for how we might experience and recognise certain sensations and mental states in our body. The body is seen as being governed by the 5 Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether. Each element is attributed with distinguishable mental attributes and characteristics giving us a clear link between experiencing our psychological self within the physiology of the body.

We access these elements in our daily yoga practice whether we are aware of it or not, as these elements are the basic building blocks of our material body. Part of our work as a practitioner of yoga is to learn how these elements manifest in us, how to influence these elements through various postures, breathe, repetitious actions or sequences, how to ignite these elements and balance them for a healthy mind/body system.

Please note this is a practical understanding of the elements. Prior knowledge of the 5 elements is not required. The aim of this workshop is to explore our direct experience and personal connection with the elements in practice.

Suitable for general level yogi’s and those new to yoga.


  • Rebecca Tung

    Rebecca has been teaching for 15 years using yoga and chinese medical principles interchangeably in her classes. Her training in traditional medicine allows her to cover a range of topics, and is able to deliver a well rounded, energetic physical and mental discipline to her students.

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