headstand & shoulderstand cycle

Conquer your dream asana - headstand, by breaking it down into small manageable steps and strengthening exercises

yoga workshop

with Komal Dadlani

Two years into being a Yoga Teacher Training Graduate I was still the only one from my classmates who could not hold a headstand. Held back by my own apprehensions and perceived muscle weakness, I resisted the posture with full force. It was only when I was taught to break it down, closely guided by experienced teachers, that I was able to befriend my fear and tap into my body’s strength.

In this 2.5 hour workshop I will share with you my personal journey towards headstand, breaking it down into small manageable steps and strengthening exercises that will equip you with the necessary understanding to conquer your dream-asana. I will be personally assisting you with various opportunities into the posture, sharing relevant strengthening exercises for correct muscle use and providing useful insight on cracking the knack of balance.

We will also dive deeply into the practice of shoulderstand, an elixir for the correct functioning of the thyroid gland; and the shoulderstand-cycle, challenging ourselves to a longer hold, various leg variations and transitions into bridges and wheels. This is an excellent opportunity if you are a regular open-class yogi and are looking for a safe introduction to these postures. It will also prove useful to those who already have a headstand and shoulderstand practice, but are struggling to maintain a hold or are keen to explore new arm and leg variations.

In this workshop you will practice:

  • classic headstand (sirsāsana – on forearms);
  • tripod headstand;
  • leg variations: scissors, diamond, vase, eagle, scorpion legs;
  • arm variations: lateral and vertical placements;
  • shoulderstand (Sarvangāsana);
  • leg variations: scissors, lotus, eagle;
  • the shoulderstand cycle: transitions into plough (halāsana), bridge (setu bandāsana), wheel (chakrāsana) and variations;
  • strengthening exercises for a safe practice.

    Our practice will end with a deeply restorative 30 minute relaxation and meditation practice with a short talk on sahāsrarāra and vishūda chakras, key points of stimuli during inversions.
    This workshop is not suitable if you are in the first 3 days of your menstrual cycle but is open to both male and female participants. Please come with a light tummy and a notebook. This workshop is suitable for beginners in headstand but not suitable for beginners in yoga or the shoulderstand practice.

    • Komal Dadlani

      Komal is very close to the classical forms of yoga practice and has trained intensively in Hatha Yoga to a level of 500+ hours throughout India, France, London and California, including three Teacher Training courses with the Sivananda Yoga Centres.

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