the art of meditation

Meditation with images as a doorway to the sacred.

meditation & mindfulness

with Mary Attwood

“Soul never thinks without a mental picture” Aristotle

For millennia art and images have been deeply observed and contemplated as doorways to secret realms and hidden knowledge and were considered to be imbued with a living soul. In this workshop we will discover the power of art and images as doorways to the sacred. Through a meditation practice and discussion, we will explore the potential in you that imaginative and felt engagement with an image can heal and inspire.

Working with both modern and ancient principles, we will awaken what Carl Jung termed “active imagination” as a means with which to tap into archetypal and symbolic consciousness. Deep contemplation of an image engages the outer senses, mind, and heart to awaken the inner realms of imagination and soul, the fundamental link between material reality and the invisible spiritual realm.

Insights, reflections and meanings you may discover will extend beyond the image itself, enhancing not only a self knowing but a cosmic knowing, while remaining grounded, deepening compassion and sensing soul both within you and through the world around you.


  • re-awaken your intuition;
  • release stifled creativity;
  • discover archetypal memory and enhance every day memory;
  • increase focus and ability to see in a broader context leading to a sense of ethical and integrated action in life.

    Requirements: comfortable clothing. Please bring with you a favourite image (it can be any image you feel a strong intrigue, love or response towards),can be a work of art, a mandala, postcard or a little statue, something that has meaning for you. We will provide an image if you do not have one.This is a wonderful compliment to an existing meditation practice and particularly beneficial to those who have previously found meditation or mindfulness difficult. Please bring a notebook and pen.


  • Mary Attwood

    Mary Elizabeth Attwood is an art historian, writer, meditation and art appreciation teacher and businesswoman. Loyal to both the academic and alternative her work and research spans art history, Eastern and Western philosophies and practices on consciousness.

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