rolling twists yoga workshop

Move with fluidity through choreographed sequences.

yoga workshop

with Dora Jane Dearing

Twists play an important role within the structure of our practice as neutralising, restorative poses but they are also very powerful asanas in their own right. They work on a deep level in the body releasing the fascia through their spiralling action which mimics the wrapping action of the connective tissue supporting our organs. The mechanics of our digestive and elimination process run more smoothly when we incorporate dynamic twisting into our asana practice. In combination with the breath they bring forth our vital energy.

In this workshop we will move with fluidity through carefully choreographed Sequencing. Beginning with a floor sequence of rolling twists where the earth provides resistance to begin an unwinding process. This practice will be supported by integrated Pranayama , and a short guided meditation that follows the subtle energies of Ida and Pingala Nadi as they spiral through the chakras. We will twist our energy up and back down to settle into a luxurious guided Savasana.Expect to feel massaged from the inside out !


  • increase and maintain the health and mobility of the spine;
  • aid in the process of digestion and elimination;
  • affect the mobility and motility of the organs;
  • are comprehensive and neutralising;
  • energise and revitalise the entire system.

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