a sole connection - your feet are the gateway to transformation

Get grounded, connected and realigned within yourselves by exploring the mechanics and complexity of the foot structures.

scaravelli inspired yoga workshop

with Lara Stapleton

The feet are the root and foundation to the temple of the body. They hold us up all day, get us everywhere we need to go and connect our bodies to the earth yet they are subjected to almost constant stress by cramming them into tight shoes, pounding along on them and generally ignoring them unless they give us trouble. Overtime this will have an impact on our gait, alignment and posture.

Many people end up standing and walking for a lifetime on fallen or weakened arches which leads to compression of the ankle joints, strain on the spine and a painful posture. When we ground and lift through the feet we awaken the feet and enliven and align the legs, hips, pelvis and spine; we learn to move in a graceful and rhythmical way. The fascia across the sole of the foot is a strong and pliable webbing that serves to draw up energy through the legs, tone the pelvic floor and align the spine.

In this workshop we will explore the mechanics and complexity of the feet, establish triangular rooting through the three major points on the sole of the foot, actively strengthen and engage the arches and learn how we require a solid foundation to support the balance, dynamic action and fluidity in the upper parts of the body. Waking the feet up, getting them strong, flexible, balanced, aligned, rooted and resilient is a basic starting point to building an intelligent yoga practice. Healthy, open and awakened feet free the spine and support the internal organs and work with many neurological pathways through the body. It’s time to get grounded.


  • Lara Stapleton is a truly nurturing and attentive Scaravelli Inspired and Hatha Yoga teacher with extensive training and a deep self-practice for over 14 years. This shines through in her teaching as she has a strong intuition on what is going on for each individual in a class.

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga focuses on the ground, the breath and the spine. Releasing the weight of your body towards the ground creates a sense of space between the vertebrae of the spine and allows for the earths energy to move throughout the body, the breath becomes effortless and the spine lengthens and elongates. As we send long roots into the ground primarily through the feet an abundance of lightness and openess is created in the upper body. From this new found space you can allow your body to unfold, unravel and undo without forcing or pushing yourself into a posture but letting the body move where is naturally wants to go.You will discover a natural ‘wave-like’ movement in your spine. Your mind becomes calm and your body free of tension.

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