yin yoga workshop - hip opening

Create fluidity in the hip area, lower back and hamstrings...

yin yoga workshop

with SueYen Wan

A slow-paced style of Yoga with poses that are held for longer periods of time: three to five minutes is typical. Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissue of the body, tendons, fascia and ligaments, with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.

The workshop will focus on the hip openers and hamstring lengthening. A sequence of asanas that will specifically help loosen and create fluidity in the hip area, lower back and hamstrings. There are times when we come across restrictions in the physical body, transpiring to being closed in the mind. Explore the integration of body — mind, and when we apply the breath changing the dynamics of the pose.

Expect to walk out of the workshop with your hips swaying, open heart and Zenned out!


  • SueYen is a highly qualified and experience teacher. Having lived in Asia for 20years, SueYen has an abundance of knowledge accumulated from a network of teachers and Gurus from the Far East. Her classes are Spiritual, precise, fun and have a dynamic element.

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