sound medicine cacao ceremony

Return to state of peace in sacred cacao ceremony.

cacao ceremony

with kirsty ka

Away from the rush of it all, join us in ceremony to return to that innate state of freedom, joy, trust, love and deep connection. Journey within to discover more of yourself and that inner peace and clarity. Give yourself the gift of deep diving into your own voice, freedom of expression & creativity aided by the food of the gods, Cacao. Medicine songs and mantras, that are easy for anyone to enjoy, will be sung together, lifting and shifting our vibration to pure states of bliss, as we honor our spirits, each other, our ancestors, this Earth and all our relations. We will be expanding together releasing fears, limiting beliefs and old patterns and setting intentions for the dreams and changes we are weaving into reality.

We are inviting you to:

  • return to your peace in sacred cacao ceremony where you are truly seen, heard and deeply connect;
  • learn medicine songs and mantras, from around the world, that are healing & empowering;
  • liberate more of your authentic voice, truth & creativity while transmuting fears that are limiting you;
  • invite more balance and sacredness in your daily life with ancient and indigenous wisdom and ways.

    Living in Bali and working with Indigenous peoples from across the globe, including Mexico, Indonesia, New Zealand and the Americas, Kirsty invites us to experience and bring home with us the medicine and joys of ceremony, songs and offerings.


  • kirsty ka

    Kirsty Ka - Earth and Sound Medicine woman, sharing ancient and indigenous wisdom, music and practices for today.

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