setting your sankalpa: yoga nidra & meditation

Find your heart felt desire for the New Year.

yoga workshop

with Sophie Purvis

Begin the ​N​ew ​Y​ear by setting ​your sankalpa​ bhavana​, the intention that is meaningful to you. In this workshop of iRest ​Y​oga ​N​idra practice, we explore the idea of our 'heartfelt desire or purpose' - discovering our heart's deepest longings or what it is life is asking from us​. This​ isn't something set from our ​ego-​mind​ or ​thoughts but rather something that emerges ​spontaneously ​from within​,​ as perhaps a feeling or a deep sense of 'knowing' from the heart.

A​ligning with our heart's deepest longings ​and attitudes ​is a ​beautiful practice for the start of a year ​- ​to ensure we move forward with more of a sense of inner ease and authenticity.

​"I always wanted to be somebody but I should have been more specific"

~ Lily Tomlin ​


  • Sophie believes yoga provides us with a way to live fuller and more meaningful lives, and to connect to that innate sense of peacefulness, wellbeing and truth present within us all.

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