Awakening the Vital Psoas Muscle

Strengthen your psoas muscle in this Scaravelli inspired yoga workshop.

yoga workshop

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshop

A shortened or tightened psoas muscle can result in lower back pain, anxiety, knee strain or exhaustion. A healthy psoas is key to your structural stability, posture and it influences the freedom of movement in the joints. This workshop explores how physical and emotional blockages held in the psoas affect the mobility and flexibility of the skeletal structure and spine. We will explore the relationship of the psoas to the fear reflex and childhood conditioning. Moving through the practice you will work on areas of resistance and injury in a deep and nurturing way, you will gain a greater understanding of how to allow you body to open, unfold and undo tension without force using the fundamental Scaravelli Inspired principles of the ground, breath and spine.


  • Lara Stapleton is a truly nurturing and attentive Scaravelli Inspired and Hatha Yoga teacher with extensive training and a deep self-practice for over 14 years.

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga focuses  on the ground, the breath and the spine. Releasing the weight of your body towards the ground creates a sense of space between the vertebrae of the spine and allows for the earths energy to move throughout the body, the breath becomes effortless and the spine lengthens and elongates. As we send long roots into the ground primarily through the feet an abundance of lightness and openess is created in the upper body. From this new found space you can allow your body to unfold, unravel and undo without forcing or pushing yourself into a posture but letting the body move where is naturally wants to go.You will discover a natural ‘wave-like’ movement in your spine. Your mind becomes calm and your body free of tension.