free dance

Untamed self-expression - tension release, ecstatic dance and movement meditation.

Artful Badger's Wild workshop

With Freddy Drable & Maria Rita Salvi

The Artful Badger presents the second Wild workshop - Free Dance.

Free Dance is an opportunity for joyful unedited self-expression. No judgement, no being judged, no right, no wrong, just a 2-hour burst of endorphin energy! 

The sessions are inspired by Gabrielle Roth’s '5 Rhythms' format, following 'waves' of music that warm up through the body to a vigorous high point of complete abandon, to then warm down again via more subtle poetic movements to a final meditative point of stillness. The class also uses Joan Skinner's 'Skinner Releasing Technique' that uses visualisation, guided movement meditation and partner work to release excess tension before taking the body into a wave of movement. Participants have reported that this combination of techniques develops their confidence, provides tension and stress release and hones their ability to actively listen to their bodies.

Finding true and authentic self-expression is at the heart of this new practice and of the Wild Workshops in general. When we try to be something we are not, we start to hold tension in our body which builds up over time. Allowing your wild and untamed side to find it's time and place in your daily routines is a key element to mental and physical wellbeing, this class provides an opportunity and tools to help with this.

We welcome all levels of fitness. Suitable for 18+

What to Bring: Loose clothes, water and a blanket.

This new class is being developed by Artful Badger's founder Freddy Drabble and movement director Maria Rita Salvi.


  • Freddy Drabble

    Freddy has over 15 years experience as dance theatre practitioner, DJ, live music programmer, facilitator and ecstatic dancer.

  • Maria Rita Salvi

    Maria Rita Salvi is a certified Skinner release teacher, choreographer and dance theatre performer.