the connection creature

Exploring identity, self development and group dynamics through movement with Zoë Cobb.

Artful Badger's Wild Workshop

With Zoë Cobb

Artful Badger presents the first Wild workshop - the Connection Creature. 

A deep exploration of self-awareness using the physical body as a starting place, this workshop aims to hone our authentic self, allowing us to experience real connection in a group of diverse people.  

Zoë has spent 15 years refining movement techniques and exercises that allow individuals a deeper self-knowledge and provide tools to playfully and openly explore group dynamics.

The workshop is all about discovery and igniting curiosity. It allows us to find new and maybe unexpected ways to move may, to explore the edges of our awareness and connect other people in the group move and respond.

It focuses on how to listen to and trust our responses to situations, how to open up and appreciate our innate and sensorial reactions. Using movement exercises and active listening participants explore a deeper sense of embodied self and how that self-awareness plays out with the dynamics of the group.

Artful Badger are delighted to collaborate with Evolve to present a selection of unique and extraordinary WILD WORKSHOPS to explore and play with the edges of our wild selves in a new and beautiful city setting. 

We have gathered brilliant practitioners and facilitators for a series of 6 workshops, all specially designed to move into and celebrate the wild places within ourselves. From mask medicine to dance meditation, the workshops will provide time and space to explore our relationship between our imagined selves and our physical bodies, harmonising who we want to be with who we are. 

The workshops are designed to be a safe spaces to play, to dance on our edges, to go deeper into the untamed, unnamed parts of the self that often get neglected in our fast-paced, high-tech world. 

We invite you to join us in the beautiful setting of Evolve Wellness Centre and journey with us, let go, be playful, and step into the wild places of your soul...


  • Zoë Cobb

    Specialising in play and transformational movement, Zoë works one to one, in groups and professionally.