sacred shamanic cacao ceremony

Discover the heart of the spiritual warrior within with the sacred plant medicine - cacao (raw chocolate).

cacao ceremony

with Maren Lander

Join Maren Lander for this heart opening ceremony using the plant medicine cacao from Guatemala, that will help you to challenge your fears, self limiting beliefs and judgements that might create unhappiness in your life.
Learn to face these challenges with awareness, courage, discipline and commitment leading you to truth and unconditional love.

As a Spiritual Warrior you commit to loving and forgiving yourself and extend this love and forgiveness to the whole of humanity and the whole of creation. Experience the joy of giving and receiving love and the healing this will enable.

The sacred plant medicine cacao (raw chocolate) has been used in ceremonies for thousand of years mainly in South and Central America. It is said to be infused with spirit helping us to reconnect with our true essence and the nature surrounding us. The effects of cacao are heart opening, helping us to release energetic blockages, letting go of old relationships, loss and grief. A big part of the ceremony is sharing and working with healing intentions leading to clarity, increased trust and an uplifted, elevated emotional state. All in all a very spiritual and empowering experience.

Please wear comfortable clothing and think about a healing intention. It is advisable to bring pen and paper. Please don't drink coffee beforehand as the cacao contains caffeine and please make sure you had a snack beforehand. Please contact Evolve directly in case of any questions or something that you would like to share with us. Aho!


  • teacher Maren Lander

    Maren is a heart centred teacher, who guides her students in a gentle, but powerful way, always reminding them to find love and forgiveness for themselves.

  • cancellation policy

    Please note: all our workshops and events have a 14 days prior event cancellation policy. We will not be able to offer any refunds if you cancel within 14 days, but we would accept your family member or friend to attend in your place.