finding balance and resilience in the city

A special one day workshop on new qualities of living and working in the 21st century.

conscious living

With Andres Roberts

If you’re weary of the relentless pace of life, the feeling the you’re on a merry go-round going out of control or likely to break at any point, this one day programme could be a profound source of inspiration.

Andres Roberts is a coach, guide and advisor dedicated to a new way of growing as people and society. His programmes combine ideas about personal and social growth with fascinating lessons from Nature and the wisdom of ancient cultures. In this one day retreat, he will help us step back from life at full speed, and learn about ideas, tools and techniques to bring back qualities of balance, resilience and 'integration'.

What to expect

A healthy system - whether it is a forest, a person or a community - works very differently to the way we have shaped the mechanised world today. Instead of working through speed, growth and 'maximisation', a healthy system thrives through principles such as collaboration, ‘optimisation' and balance. When a system loses these qualities, it becomes brittle and unhealthy. As people, we also need these same qualities of balance, but the world today makes it hard to keep them alive.

Through this one day programme we will combine small workshops, stories, physical lessons, mental and energetic practices and deep conversations all about finding the balance and resilience needed to stay wholesome and healthy. Andres works with these methods with many kinds of people, from individuals looking to make a change in their lives to educators, social change-makers and senior leaders working on change in complex systems and organisations. Many people come away from Andres' programmes with rich insights into a different kind of quality towards life and work. The power of this work is in helping each of us find balance for ourselves, while skilling up to take these qualities positively out to the world. 

Activities will include:

  • Challenging the dominant story of our times and opening space for alternatives
  • Skills to tune into our own energy and capacity for internal balance
  • Fascinating ideas and insights related to the balance of Yin vs Yang; Masculine vs Feminine; and Power and Love
  • Insights and lessons from how Nature and ancient traditions worked with balance
  • Mindfulness and meditation techniques to support balance, resilience and integration
  • Space for personal stories and action-setting
  • Space to connect with Nature in an urban environment


  • Andres Roberts

    Andres is a guide, advisor and entrepreneur dedicated to new kinds of progress, fit for a positive future for all.

  • Friendship discount

    The event fee for members of Evolve Wellness and friends of Way of Nature UK is £90. Choose the appropriate option while purchasing.