autumn equinox - yin yoga and gong bath

A time to create balance within ourselves; honouring both the light and the shadow.

with Gonca Alban & Lucy Keaveny

The autumn equinox marks the second time in the year where day and night are of equal length. It is a day of balance, where the darkness and the light stand side by side in true harmony. It marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. It is a time to celebrate the harvest, to reap the fruits of all the seeds we planted in the spring and nourished through the summer. 

A time when we begin to turn inwards into the depths of our being as we make our way to the darkest day of the year, on the winter solstice. By honoring the cycles of nature (the spring and autumn equinox and the winter and summer solstices) we honor the cycles within ourselves; the ebb and flow of life, of being, that allows us to learn, grow and evolve.

With this autumn equinox, may we look at creating balance within ourselves; honoring both the light and the shadow. May we celebrate the harvest and begin the journey inwards taking in all that we have experienced and learned during this year so far.

There are wonderful synergies between yin yoga practice and the gong bath such that, after an hour and a quarter of tranquil, meditative yoga, participants typically share an acuity of hearing - and of being - that can make the ‘gonging’ experience particularly deep and meaningful. On such a pivotal day in the calendar as the autumn equinox, intentions set in the moments after the yin yoga practice ends and the gong bath begins can be very powerful.

Additional info:
This event is open to everyone regardless of yoga experience. Please wear comfortable clothes for yoga and bring some layers to keep you warm during the gong bath. Blankets will also be provided.


  • gonca alban

    Yin Yoga teacher.

  • lucy keaveny

    Lucy is kundalini yoga teacher and the sound healer....