Navigating change - how yoga supports us

online yoga workshop

Yoga workshop

with Sue Chopping

In one of my the last  classes l taught at Evolve one of the participants asked me how can yoga support us during change?   One of the tests of your yoga practice is how well it serves you during a time of big change. You may have already experienced how practising yoga and meditation can invite major changes into your life. And those changes start from within.  During this crisis of the pandemic yoga can give us the strength and insight we need to navigate the most radical forms of change and challenge. Yogic teachings and practice can rise up within you and offer guidance and support.

This workshop will offer you insights into how yoga can help you navigate change by cultivating a step by step process and  core yogic instructions including meditation. Asana practice cultivating abhyasa - steady effort in the direction you want to go; Atma  vichara  - the process of self-enquiry and vairagya - "detachment" or letting go.  Yoga Nidra - Welcoming your Place of Refuge and Sanctuary to support you during this time.

Logistics; please have blocks, a blanket, eye-bag and a bolster or cushion for Yoga Nidra.

If you can't make that time but would still like to join the class please sign up as the recording will be available to everyone for 7 days.