Conscious connected breathwork

online workshop

online breathwork workshop

with Hannah Goodman

Boost Immunity | Reduce Anxiety & Stress | Improve relationships | Increase vitality and energy
In a time of isolation, reconnection is available!
In moments that may feel like despair, opportunity can be found. When we give ourselves space to breathe and ground, gaining perspective through reconnecting to our body and life force. Conscious breathwork is a direct and impactful way to safely explore what we are holding, mentally, emotionally and energetically. It is the ultimate self-care activity.
Do any of these sound familiar? Exhaustion, panic, fear, frustration, anxiety, stagnation, stressed, chronic worrying, overthinking, trouble sleeping or switching off, feeling under pressure, lack of connection, over or underwhelmed?
You will be reassured to know that many people feel more than one of the above and often. We live in a time of ever advancing, fast-paced technology, overstimulation and quick fixes, as a result, the majority of people on the planet have become disconnected from their bodies and their breath.
Learn the value of using your breath and breathing techniques, which can not only reverse the symptoms of stress but give you the opportunity to return with fresh perspective and energy to that never-ending problem solving and endless responsibility we pile on ourselves as people, partners and associates.
Breathwork is a powerful too, used to rewired the subconscious, break self-limiting beliefs and connect to the core of your being, empowering and rebalancing.  
What does this workshop include?

  • A virtual room where we can all see each other

  • Stress-relieving ‘take away’ exercises

  • 1-hour breathwork
- Group sharing and grounding

What do I need?
- Phone or computer
- headphones
- Internet connection
- a space to lie down (option to sit too) 

Saturday, 30 Jan 2021

11:00 - 13:00

This event runs from 11:00 until 13:00

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  • cancellation policy

    Please note that we have 14 days cancellation policy. We will alwasy accept your friend in case you can not longer make to the workshop. Thank you