4 week course yoga for immunity - online course

You will be guided through the best immune boosting sequences from the 5 main yogic practices

yoga course

with Sasha Sundari

In this 4 week course we will be drawing on the rich tapestry of Yoga to boost, strengthen and stabilise our immunity. In this age where environmental factors, medicine and lifestyle have led us into the de-stabilisation of our natural healthy immune system, we are needing the extra help via traditional methods. As someone who has had 'weak' immunity in the past, I am also sharing my top practical methods to kick start a flagging immune system. Healthy immunity equals an ability to fend off any bacterial/viral stressor and is part of what we are born to do in evolutionary terms.

I will be guiding you through the best immune boosting sequences from the 5 main Yogic practices (hatha, yin, kundalini, restorative and flow) I have trained in and we will learn how to use our own powerful energy to self heal our immune system. There will also be time for cosy discussion and sharing on this ever more vitally important topic of our times
You will receive tips and notes to work with from at home in your own time after the course.

Wednesdays 7.30pm - 8.45pm

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11th November - 2nd December

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