Adaptive resilience - online course

Online training to build resilience & learn ways to develop the behaviors, mental habits and practices that help you thrive at work or life.

Search Inside yourself online course

by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

Some of the latest neuroscience and behavioral research suggests that resilience - the ability to recover from adversity, adapt and thrive - can be systematically developed as a set of skills, especially in challenging times. This virtual program will enable participants to build the useful behaviors, mental habits and micro-practices that promote personal resilience and also grow a culture of resilience within teams and organizations.

In addition to time with expert teachers, the sessions are highly interactive and include meditations, journaling, and mindful conversations in small breakout rooms with other participants. The virtual setting allows you to access the program from anywhere in the world and connect with a global community of participants.

The virtual sessions include:
The virtual sessions are structured into three 90-minute modules that offer simple, practical and applied tools for building resilience and thriving especially in challenging times / environments. The modules are designed to grow participants’ capacities to manage stress and sharpen focus, exercise agility in the face of adversity and grow personal, team and organizational change-readiness.

The topical modules are:
Module 1: Harnessing Focus: Managing stress and overwhelm, staying motivated and focused in difficult and uncertain times.
Module 2: Developing Agility: Mindsets and skills for adaptability and creativity in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World.
Module 3: Influencing Change: Creating a change-capable culture by growing empathy, trust and psychological safety in your team and organization.

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Please check the time converter for your time zone, as the events are run from San Francisco, CA, USA

22nd - 24th July

5th - 7th August